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Deepa Duraiswamy

Deepa Duraiswamy holds degrees in engineering and management from the University of Pune and IIM Calcutta. Her desire to understand the āgama-s and make them more accessible for a modern audience led to an inter-disciplinary PhD at the Department of Sanskrit, University of Madras. She hopes to continue exploring this ancient system that seems to be at the core of sanātana dharma in practice. Read More...


Books by Dr. Deepa Duraiswamy

For at least 1500 years, temple design, construction and worship have followed the canon of the āgama-s. Shouldn’t temple management also follow the āgama-s?

Steeped in a history of more than two millennia, the real bequest of India’s ancient temples is that they are still living sacred spaces. The gods that were invoked in these temples more than a thousand years ago, continue to reside in the sanctums and gaze benevolently upon their devotees. T

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