Deepak Mohra

A very young man just finished his BA (now MA) moving here and there to clutch the right way of life. Walking in the undestined mode of life, he has no milestone, no person to counsel him and no support and guidelines to live a life, because he lost the blessings of his parents at a very young age, as they left their child into the chaos of unvalued life.

He remains in silence for several days. Perhaps his silence has expressed what thousands of words cannot. In the midst of these unnumbered confusions, one day his inner spirit told him and showed the skills he has. Yes, he came to know God’s purpose of his life and that its value is no less important to him as well as others.

Then he started his journey of writing, and he wrote lyrics and composed several carols songs and wrote two short stories in Nepali – Aanshu Ko Mol (The Value of Tears about Jesus in 2015) and Ke Kamaaudai Chau?(What are You Earning? in 2017) – and now, A Dream of My Daughter.

“Life itself teaches you how to live. Just focus on and try to hear the inner sound of your spirit.”



Books by Deepak Mohra

Some diseases cannot be cure by medicine nor can it surely be diagnosed by any doctor. Rather it can only be cured and even healed by love, care and emotional attachment. Most of the people in this era are the patients of this disease, especially women and girls are the victims of this disease. The question

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