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Jyot Chhaya

Jyot was born in a family that firmly believed in sheer hard work and dedication. The strong DNA of such a family of values inherited in Jyot made him dedicated right from his birth to achieve something in life which made everyone proud and that can be easily noticed in this book. Spirituality, sacrifice, loyalty, and faith in God were the disciplines followed diligently. Right from his birth, he was brought up under a strict regimen. His parents constantly kept an eye on him so that he wouldn’t divert his mind from his goals. Study was his utmost priority but along with it he had chosen cricket as his passion. The journey, in the book ‘Not so Far Not so Near’, describes how he managed his studies and cricket parallely. The ups and downs of his life, the tragedies he faced, and the incidents he went through in the first quarter of his life are all covered in this book. It will be a true guide to all the youngsters and even to the guardians who are not allowing their child to excel in their field of choice.

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