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Kalpana Nair

As a writer, coach, healer and founder of Unfurl Your Life International, Kalpana has been the catalyst for ‘Moments of Truth’ that are epiphanic shifts in people all over the world. Her energetic field draws people who have struggled the most and she helps them reach their highest purpose.

The tenets of her book have given both her daughters a heads up and made them life-ready. 

Her Narcissistic Abuse Recovery System Online Course is a beacon of hope for those who have been in psychologically toxic, abusive and damaging relationships. 

Through her sessions and online training, she has helped many people in finding their light within, leading them to self-uphold and discover their ‘Oneness with Source.’


Life ManYoual

Books by Kalpana Nair

Life does come with a Manual and here it is.

Life ManYOUal is a ‘Life DIY user manual,’ with very doable tenets on how to simplify and evolve through your everyday challenges and struggles.

Here is your handbook to embracing life. Go into the world and conquer your fears, challenges and your ego-mind. Don’t spend your one life experimenting, being stuck or run out of time trying.  See proof of the processes described in Life ManYOUal as yo

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