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Khushi Gupta

Wellness writer and motivational speaker
Wellness writer and motivational speaker

Khushi Gupta, an 18-year-old girl, something entrepreneurial and adventurer who grew up traversing the globe, first through the thought of writing and then a book in reality.

So being a wellness writer who has written more than 500 + blogs about the transformation one needs to do in the present time, a writer of short stories, and that niche has turned into her real-life story by which she inspires many people.

She enjoys reading, writing motivational quotes, singing, dancing, and wandering. On the journey, she has enjoyed being a fascinator and as an achiever, there was a lot more to be explored which was not easy for her. Here she is to support all the youngsters who want to achieve big dreams.


The Way

Books by Khushi Gupta

You are a billionaire! 

Are you ready to achieve your dreams? 

Are you ready to build that milestone that you have thought of? 

There is a bridge gap between your goal and success and you are the person who is gonna fill it. Maybe it can take 1 week, 1 month, 1 year but that depends on you, and your level of focus, hard work, and efficiency. Those who build it fast success comes to them fast but those who identify their goals later succ

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