Kondur Harigopal

Dr. K.Harigopal is a Management Consultant, Trainer, Psychologist, Management Professor, Author of Management Books, an Educationist, and a Novelist.. He has traveled widely across Asia and the West on Academic Engagements and Assignments. He loves writing and reading, apart from his professional interests. His forth coming Novel, “The God-man Who Vanished” is yet another scintillating adventure into the ‘human’ and ‘societal’ Psyche.


The Quality of Education is the square root of the economic prosperity of a Nation and the quality of life of its people. The Novel, ‘The Turn Around’ portrays the paradoxical ‘moral fabric’ of our current ‘Society’, ‘individual psyche’, ‘institutional environment’ and ‘work-culture’ influencing higher education through its fictional characters, events, situations, and incidents. It is a ‘clarion-call’ for ‘Societal-introspection’ – introspection by all the stake-holders for remediable and actionable initiatives for a better learning environment. If every youth in the country got appropriate education, India could be the powerhouse of intellect and veritab...

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