Kondur Harigopal

Dr. K.Harigopal is a Management Consultant, Trainer, Psychologist, Management Professor, Author of Management Books, an Educationist, and a Novelist.. He has traveled widely across Asia and the West on Academic Engagements and Assignments. He loves writing and reading, apart from his professional interests. His forth coming Novel, “The God-man Who Vanished” is yet another scintillating adventure into the ‘human’ and ‘societal’ Psyche.

The Turn Around

Books by Kondur Harigopal

The Quality of Education is the square root of the economic prosperity of a Nation and the quality of life of its people.

The Novel, ‘The Turn Around’ portrays the paradoxical ‘moral fabric’ of our current ‘Society’, ‘individual psyche’, ‘institutional environment’ and ‘work-culture’ influencing higher education through its fictional characters, events, situations, and incidents. It is a ‘clarion-call’ for ‘Societal-introspection’ – introspection by all the stake-holders for remediable and actionable initiatives for a better learning environment. If every youth in the country got appropriate education, India could be the powerhouse of intellect and veritably a ‘work-horse’ in the areas of technologies, science, commerce etc., for its own rapid progress and for the rest of the world.

The need of the hour is to think differently and act differently. That is what the main characters in the novel set out to do.

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