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Krishna Jagan Mohan Rao

A teacher by profession and a budding writer, Krishna Jagan is a very influential person in rendering his services to the society. In the light of his dedication and commitment he has had the honour of being invited to GYLC (GLOBAL YOUNG LEADERS CONFERENCE) held both in Europe and USA in the summer of 2008, where, a few selected educators nominated their exceptional students. Gifted with an original and forceful personality, Krishna Jagan comes forward to take active participation in social issues of the day. Also being an animal-lover and supporter of animal rights, Krishna has been petting many cats at his own home. Eternal Silence of the Gods is his debut book which he puts across to the book lovers for entertainment and enlightenment. It touches many aspects of human-nature, be it indifference or love, intelligence or madness. And, it presents a convincing argument on the biggest question of all – the existence of God.

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