M. John is a former fighter pilot with extensive flying experience on the MiG-21 and the Mirage-2000 aircraft. After leaving the Indian Air Force, he has written a number of articles on military matters, which have been published in a few magazines.

He is a self-taught computer enthusiast and has written an article on alternative operating systems, which was published in a computer magazine. He has written three thrillers. This is his first children’s book.



The Princess of Parmasane

Books by John

The Kingdom of Parmasane is in turmoil!

The princess has fallen sick just before her 15th birthday, and no one can heal her. A strange-looking man comes along and claims that he has the power to heal her. His condition is that he should be allowed to take the princess with him. The royal couple agrees to hand over the princess to the strange man since they feel completely helpless.

After a while, the king feels that it would be justified to rescue the princess and get the ‘healing potion’ from the strange man. The mission is dangerous; it involves crossing a dangerous forest and tackling the dragon that guards the princess. Two of the kingdom’s best knights are sent on this mission; they disappear without a trace.

Now, a young martial artist named Marcus volunteers for the mission. To assist him are his donkey and his pet snake. Will Marcus and his ‘friends’ be able to overcome the odds and rescue the princess?

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Empty Quiver

Books by John

“The most immediate and extreme threat to global security is a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of terrorists who have the will to use it.”

The ‘plot’ was hatched in a tiny village in the tribal area of Pakistan. It starts with the kidnapping of a young woman. Next, is a wave of deadly bomb blasts in the Indian capital city, Delhi. The resulting situation permits terrorists to ‘grab’ a few nuclear weapons. The targets - India, Israel, and USA - are blissfully unaware of the threat.

A covert Indian Intelligence agency gets an inkling of the deadly plan, and its small team of ‘operatives’ starts the initial countermoves, with active involvement of the Intelligence agencies of Israel and the USA; each agency is working to protect its own interests.

The ‘race against time’ has started.

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Books by John

The 'MV Nordic Sydney' – a Handymax bulk carrier carrying a cargo of diesel from Saudi Arabia to South Africa – is hijacked by pirates off the Somali coast. The 'HAMAS', which has links with the pirates, wants to get hold of the Captain – an American citizen and a former Israeli Naval Officer – to put pressure on both America and Israel. India joins forces with America and Israel because eight of the fifteen members of the crew are Indians and their rescue is critical for the forthcoming national elections. The three stakeholders plan a rescue mission, but there is a 'leak' in one of the agencies. Can the mission succeed?

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The First Coffin

Books by John

The Mumbai underworld is controlled by the Devgun family. When an upright and senior member of the Mumbai police stands up to them, the ‘family’ decides to send out a strong message, by killing not just him, but his whole family. They employ the services of a professional assassin, who does the job, but is unable to kill the police officer’s son, who was not with his family at that time. Because of this technicality, the Devgun family decides to withhold payment to the assassin.

The assassin is now out to collect his payment.

The son has come back, and is now, out seeking revenge.

The Mumbai police are pulling out all stops to solve the case, because the victim was one of their senior officers.

Will things ever be the same again?




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