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Minakshee Shukla

Agile Coach & Writer
Agile Coach & Writer

Minakshee is an Agile coach by profession and a psychologist by interest. She spends much of her time dealing with different type of people in her day-to-day life. Due to this she is well versed with the psychological dynamics and understands “mind system” pretty well. She believes that her life’s purpose is to educate people about the importance of mental well-being. When she is not helping people find their peace or answers to life's difficult questions, she is expressing her own emotions on the canvas. The inspiration for this book came when she was meditating about how your thoughts Read More...


Books by Minakshee Shukla

Mindfulness is a strategy that has been shown to assist people with switching off from their pressures, boosting their resilience, and improving their mental well-being. Even a few moments of gratitude and hopefulness, however brief, will keep us on the sunny side of life.

In this book, Minakshee walks you to the lane of mind which you may or might not have explored by now. She encourages anyone who needs guidance to know that having good attenti

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