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Prabhakar Khamar & Dr Anil Khatri

Prabhakar Khamar is a veteran author and columnist, having to his credit several publications. An ardent follower of the ‘Gandhi-Sardar’ Philosophy, he has very thoughtfully selected, amongst a huge pile of literature, some  Conversations Mahatma Gandhi had on various subjects,  in the 1940s, and which are very relevant even today.


Dr Anil Khatri is a Paediatrician by Profession, and a firm believer & follower of the Philosophy of ‘Service Above Self’ & ‘Service to Man is Service to God’. Through ‘Selected Conversations with Mahatma Gandhi’, his endeavour is to keep the legacy alive and create a connection for the young generation across countries, with Gandhian thought & his invaluable teachings & Message to the Society.


Selected Conversations with Mahatma Gandhi

Books by Prabhakar Khamar, Dr Anil Khatri

Mahatma Gandhi was always very clear in his thoughts, which he expressed in a very simple, easy and effective manner. On several occasions, he was confronted with complex questions of a varied nature, answers to which are a reflection of his pure, awakened, sensitive & truthful mind.

This book presents a Select valuable Collection of Gandhiji’s answers and message, understanding which can be enrichening for everybody's life.

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