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Prabhakar Khamar & Dr Anil Khatri

Prabhakar Khamar is a veteran author and columnist, having to his credit several publications. An ardent follower of the ‘Gandhi-Sardar’ Philosophy, he has very thoughtfully selected, amongst a huge pile of literature, some  Conversations Mahatma Gandhi had on various subjects,  in the 1940s, and which are very relevant even today.   Dr Anil Khatri is a Paediatrician by Profession, and a firm believer & follower of the Philosophy of ‘Service Above Self’ & ‘Service to Man is Service to God’. Through ‘Selected Conversations with Mahatma Gandhi’, his endeavour is to keep the leRead More...

Selected Conversations with Mahatma Gandhi

Books by Prabhakar Khamar, Dr Anil Khatri

Mahatma Gandhi was always very clear in his thoughts, which he expressed in a very simple, easy and effective manner. On several occasions, he was confronted with complex questions of a varied nature, answers to which are a reflection of his pure, awakened, sensitive & truthful mind.

This book presents a Select valuable Collection of Gandhiji’s answers and message, understanding which can be enrichening for everybody's life.

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