Indie Author Championship #6

Pawan Verma

Dr Pawan Verma is the author of Age of the Imperfect Leader, a book that challenges conventional wisdom on leadership and provides a disruptive approach on the subject. As a storyteller, he has authored the popular crime thriller No Closure No Forgiveness apart from publishing a dozen e-books and a series of romantic short stories. He has been a regular contributor to some of the leading English dailies and periodicals in India. Apart from being an author and a thought-leader, Pawan also engages in management consulting and professional speaking. He has been a senior corporate executive from Read More...


Books by Pawan Verma

An Edge-of-the-Seat Thriller

While Roma Anand is celebrating the success of her painting exhibition in Macau, little does she realize what the night has in store for her. By a sheer coincidence, she gets trapped in a fierce battle between two dreaded intelligence agencies - R&AW and ISI - for possession of a vital defense asset. She is able to escape, but not before she has become witness to two murders and has her fingerprints on one of the murder weap

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