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Pinaki Prasad Dhar

Pinaki Prasad Dhar, the author, enjoys a long-standing relationship with the English language as a teacher, a writer, a translator and an editor. He had the good fortune of teaching the language for the better part of half a century. Out of that, six years were spent suffering the pain of being an administrator as HOD English at St. Anthony’s College, Shillong. He had joined that college as a teacher in 1974. Retiring from the profession in 2018 from KLB College, Shillong, he came back to Kolkata, his hometown, and stays there now with his wife Monimala – also a writer of repute and an extRead More...

পত্র মর্মর

Books by পিনাকী প্রসাদ ধর

কাহিনী- কণিকা:
প্রেম পত্র পড়তে সবাই ভালোবাসে,— বিশেষত সে চিঠি যদি আর কারো হয়! পত্র মর্মরে সংকলিত আছে এ’রকম অন্তত একশোর বেশি চিঠি। চিঠিগুলো লিখেছিলেন এমন দুজন যাঁদের কখনো দেখা

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Out of Joint

Books by Pinaki Prasad Dhar

How many, when they were young, had seen the Dance of Death on the streets of their cities? Not many, hopefully! Nayan was one of those who had seen it. He saw the Dance of Death striking millions of youth and leaving them dead, maimed and incapacitated. Its tools of decimation were the red and the white terror. 

What a Fire Game it was! That’s the story of Out of Joint, the sequel to Paradise Inappropriate – the first part – the st

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