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Photographer, blogger, writer and a chef
Photographer, blogger, writer and a chef

Prasanth Golusu is an Indian travel blogger and a creative person on his journey of knowing people, ideologies, cultures, lifestyles and arts from all corners of India with a unique ideology on life. He has got to know himself. The only way to know life is to live it and understand how it has to be lived by the people. Knowing them, understanding them and connecting with nature can help you grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. His quote on life is: “If a single sentence can increase the market value of a book, then a single word has the potential to change someone’s lifeRead More...

The Burning Tree

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The Burning Tree, a tale of infinite emotions, depicts various characters who come and go in between but creates a significant impact in the life of Krishna. The way situations and words break him up and he stands up again with the support of people around him with no loss of hope becomes emotionally deep and robust as time passes on. Nature, the ultimate mother of all, helps him heal his scars.

No matter how strong one may be, there is something more v

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