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Prasenjeet Dhage

Every word has consequences & every silence, too.
Every word has consequences & every silence, too.

A final year Law student, Blogger and youth leader, Prasenjeet Prabhakar Dhage is domiciled in Goa.  Intrigued by how sexuality affects day to day life, he went on to research the subject during the Covid-19 pandemic; this book is the effort of his remarkable depth and personal reflection, all encapsulated and vivid. He has also revealed that he plans to write more books in the ‘Trap’ series.



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''..This is a spine-chilling book, Prasenjeet Dhage has so far made his advocacy work dynamic to convey the key message of his book, Dopamine Trap. What I love most is how Prasen draws on consequences, effects, and other aspects of life to help readers let go of regrets, relive the past, and pursue their life dreams..''


-          Her Excellency, Helen Mukoro Idisi, Spanish politician. First black presidential candidate in Spain and Europe




 “.. Human beings trapped in pleasures of mind and body; seek escape through religion, meditation, sex, alcohol, drugs and what not. Sex is elevated to divinity as in Shiva and Shakti Cults. While sex is sublime, porn is an aberration. Fortunately their shelf life is short unlike other lifelong vices. Prasenjeet Dhage, standing on the threshold of adulthood has made a bold attempt to explore the role played by the hormone dopamine on sex, porn, alcohol and drug abuse...”


-          Ramakant Khalap, Writer, Ex Dy.Chief Minister of Goa and former Union Law Minister of India





“…I congratulate a law college student for undertaking a daunting task of writing such a book titled ''The Dopamine Trap: Sexuality and Pornography in 21st century'. Future generation may doubt, like  "Dnyaneswari", how a budding in unmarried boy could write such a book in the orthodox rotten culture dominated by the Hegemony of a single priestly Americanized Eurocentric caste. Since I have completed three Volumes on Cultural Studies I understand the significance of such sincerity and courage...”


-          Dr. Anand Patil, Creative writer and Critique


Dopamine Trap

Books by Prasenjeet Dhage

The first sex manual ‘Kama Sutra’ was written by Vatsyayana, which not only talks about eroticism but also regulates the sexual behaviour of human beings, this was a breakthrough as it set standards for sexuality in the ancient Indian society. On the other side of the world, polyandry was seen as normal in Greek and Persian society. Fast forward to 21st century, now pornography is setting the standards for sexuality, but how many of these standards are mor

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