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Priya Srinivasan is the author of the trilogy named ‘The Amariand’. Since childhood, she is an ardent fan of mythology and history and she is also an excellent storyteller. Although it has taken multiple years to complete this alternate history fiction book, most of the content was written in a surprisingly unassuming situation over time. She has personified the different emotions and situations that she has experienced in her life. She has excelled in displaying her talent in taking us all into a world of adventure, mystery, love, revenge, and victory, and convinced us about the beauty ofRead More...


The Amariand Part - I The Coven Gate

Books by Priya Srinivasan

A fiction that happened in the late medieval period between two major islands. Ambitious Prince Glarton from a  small kingdom sets out to conquer all the kingdoms of the North Island and rule under one throne. At eighteen, he took a decision to go outside his kingdom, which he later regretted. Glarton set out with a dream, least he knew that his destiny had different plans for him.

The Coven Gate, a unique place with its own set of rules, and mysteries

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