Puneet Walia

New Delhi India

The author of this book, Puneet Walia, is a post-graduate from Delhi and runs a business for the last 20 years. Puneet is a globetrotter who is equally at home in Dubai, London and Manhattan as in New Delhi. He is fond of watching live sports, be it Olympics or formula one races or test cricket. He is also a lifelong student of economics, philosophy and behavioural sciences.


India is a tough country. Growing up in India is a tough job. Back in the 1990’s, it was even tougher. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, Pi, at the age 21, embarks on the roller coaster called ‘life’. Seeking love, happiness and a successful career, Pi experiences many firsts. His first kiss, his first pay cheque, a live-in girlfriend and his first million. In a decade, during which the red fort saw six Prime Ministers, and the country saw rapid but haphazard economic growth, he also takes baby steps into the corporate world, learning the ropes all over the country. Myriad happenings around him not just helped him form his world view, but in fact chiseled and som...

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