Rajshree Chouhan

New Delhi, India

Rajshree Chouhan is a small town girl who was introduced to the world of books when she was seven. Apart from being a vivid reader, she is a fitness enthusiast, an amateur photographer and a nature lover. She believes in following her heart and that explains why she took six years to finish this book. You can follow her on Facebook or write to her on divubaisa@gmail.com


Juhi, a small town girl, has a crush on her classmate Arjun. She believes in happy endings and that Arjun is her prince charming. She has big dreams for her future that includes being a Radio Jockey. Juhi has everything planned until she receives a call from a stranger, on her sixteenth birthday. She unwillingly falls for him and soon, dismisses her feelings for Arjun as ‘nothing serious’. She is happily living her fairy tale with Rajeev before Arjun confesses his love to her. The story revolves around the love triangle and Juhi’s dreams which when broken, she breaks up with the love of her life and asks him to wait for her for four years. Why doesn’t he fight for her? Do they me...

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