Ritwick Alok

The author is an MBA from BIT Mesra. He has worked for two and a half years at Bajaj Allianz and is now a part of the Indian Railways. Ritwick Alok is a devoted and dynamic personality. He is self-esteemed, matured and disciplined. His contribution towards society is commendable.


He has authored his first book with Notion Press titled Truth has Etiquette.


Happy Journey

Books by Ritwick Alok

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Happy is the journey of right

Right is the moment of happy

Happy is the journey of soul

Rhythm is the dedication of journey

Right is the real of truth


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Truth has Etiquette

Books by Ritwick Alok

“Moment is the happiest of present.

Happiest is the present of moment.

Beautiful is the truth of etiquette.

Happiness is the etiquette of truth.”

Truth has Etiquette is a silent administration of love, excitement and surprise. An inner call for noble self-knowledge management and wit right from the author’s heart led to shape up the book. The 46th poem “Full Marks” is dedicated to the Late

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