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S. Malar

An engineering postgraduate and working mom, S. Malar lives in the charming city of Chennai with her husband and three-year-old daughter. She was born in Bombay, brought up in Hyderabad and has completed her graduation in Pilani, Rajasthan.

When she is not commuting through the city or immersed in her work, she cooks chaotically, cleans and secretly plans to travel the world. She loves eating sweets, watching superhero movies, sipping on tea, playing with her daughter and reading books.

Her ambitions include attempting to read entire libraries, winning all the Rummy and Snap games she plays and entertaining people with her stories. On weekdays, she is your typical overworked and stressed Java developer, but during the weekend, she tries to experiment with words to see if she can create that wonderful spark, which turns mere letters into magic when they are written the right way.

She draws inspiration from her parents, beautiful places and random and happy events in her ordinary life. She imagines, like John Lennon, a perfect world to live in for the future generation. 


Heroes of the Hill

Books by S. Malar

This is a story of how two young boys Gopal and Pranav, who live in the idyllic suburbs of Chennai, decide to spend their summer holidays. They explore a recently discovered, ancient temple on a hill nearby and hope to find something of interest instead of whiling away their vacation.

On their trips to the hill, they encounter and befriend a pair of brothers, Raj and Ravi, and an amateur photographer, Vikram. They make some interesting discoveries, and

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