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Sagar Suri

Sagar Suri is a Mass Communication Post-graduate from Lucknow, who has always believed that social causes, especially those related to the environment and scientific issues concern the general public as much as they do those that are studying science or working in the field and that is why it’s required to effectively communicate these issues to them. It is this belief that brought him to the Center for Environment Education (CEE). He has been working with CEE since November, 2011 and is currently designated as Programme Officer, Youth Programmes at the Centre. Sagar has a broad experience of working in the Media industry, he has dabbled with various disciplines – be it advertising, radio or corporate communications before starting work at CEE. He has also used his experience with the Media in his work at the Centre, by conceptualizing and organizing innovative campaigns like the Earth Rocks Music Contest – India’s first music contest on sustainability. Apart from his work in the media and his interest in environmental conservation, Sagar is passionate about cricket, movies and travelling. Spellbound is Sagar’s first book, before this, he has written many short stories and poetry, he has also won a few competitions for his creative writing, the most recent being, a competition organized by Talent house India for Nestle Alpino, where many quirky one-liners written by him have been used as messages of love, accompanying the Alpino. But the appeal of the idea that gave birth to Spellbound, the intrigue of his story and his conviction in it, inspired him to write his first book and share it with the world. He can be contacted via E-mail at spellbound.sagar@gmail.com

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