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Sai Papineni

Author Sai Papineni unravels the historicity at the heart of the ancient tradition weighing it against the findings in the fields of archaeology, environmental studies, geography, genetics and linguistics. The stories and legends from India’s past come alive in the background of one of the earliest and the largest urban civilizations of the world - the Harappan.Read More...

కాలయంత్రం - 2020

Books by సాయి పాపినేని

జాతి ఉనికి ఆ జాతి ఉమ్మడితనంపై ఆధారపడి ఉంటుంది. అంటే అవగాహనలో, ఆలోచనల్లో, ఆచరణల్లో, ఆశయాల్లో, ఆకాంక్షల్లో ఏకత్వం. విడివిడి భావజాలాలు, కలివిడి లేని అస్తిత్వాల రణగొణధ్వనుల మధ్

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Hymns of Harappa

Books by Sai Papineni

Do Indians have historical sense?

Indians have a past. There is no doubting that fact, celebrated in literature, perhaps the oldest that man had created. Epics, myths, heroes and events which are very much a part of the living tradition - are they real?

Is there any truth in the ancient Indian historical tradition called Puranas?

Who are Aryans? Where have they come from?

Mohenjo Daro - what was its name when it was

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