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Saina is a silent writer who loves shaping creative imaginations. Doing things differently is her passion and beautiful art works, her weakness. She loves to write about things that inspire. Her first book The Success of a Common Man was about a man who not only succeeds despite all odds, but also encourages his wife to prosper along the journey.  In her second book, Number Nine, she aims at spreading awareness among the women about the real pregnancy, by sharing the experiences of a new mom, the impatient world, her learnings through pregnancy and the ways of finding happiness and success.Read More...

Number Nine

Books by Saina

Number Nine is the reflection of a woman whose fears and confidence are real. A girl with a not-so-easy childhood, a successful working professional fortunate enough to have a wonderful husband, feared pregnancy and its after-effects. She loved kids but feared the dark tunnel that could stall her career, take away her achievements and put her back in the place where she started from. She had other secret fears that she had to overcome to get into the ph

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The success of a common man

Books by Saina

This inspiring story is about the dedication of a common man who loses everything, finds himself in the mid of a forest and discovers motivation from small things around him. He is confident, supportive, self-motivated and succeeds despite all odds. He uplifts his wife's talent in the journey of becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs. This is a story which proves that a woman can truly be another woman’s best friend. It not

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