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Shashank shridhar

Mr. Shashank Shridhar is satirist of today’s era.  He has polished his works with meticulous care like all great satirists.  He used language with genuine inventiveness.  His verse explains events in a simple but sarcastic way using witty language which is admirable.  Mr. Shashank is known for his rich earthy humour and satirical prowess.  He picked up social issues and attacked on anomalies with his beautifully carved language in such a way that reader not only enjoys but find himself in a process of thinking positively on particular issue.Read More...

Gaye The Machali Phasne Phans Gaya Magarmach

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The book is full of wit and sarcasm which attacks on literary, social, political and religious anomalies of today’s society. It affects the mind set of readers through its beautiful language explaining the typical Indian way of thinking. The writer picks subjects from day to day life of common Indian. The book explains very interestingly the innovative methods used by Indians to solve their mundane affairs.

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