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Shasi Kala

Shasi Kala  was born in Coimbatore. After completing her master’s degree in English- literature, she took on the profession of teaching. It  taught her how to interact with people- with different characteristics – which in turn paved the way to knowledge about people’s- lives and their meaning. She has passion for reading. History, spiritualism and philosophy are her favourite subjects. She gains inspiration- from keenly observing  the constant mysteries  of life. She  writes  short stories and poems. Apart from writing she is also a motivational speaker. Read More...

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Books by Shasi Kala

Torn between love and karma.

What is he doing here Sivadasini thought when she met John Wayne at the Happiness Yogalya.  Then she didn’t have the least idea that she would have to travel unknown paths because of him. John felt that, “this Indian beauty is my girl” but Sivadasini  ignored her own feelings for him. “I have enough troubles already in my life,” she thought as she could not think of resisting  her orthodox  mother. Invis

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