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Siddharth Kotu

Siddharth Kotu, a graduate from IIT Guwahati, is an engineer by profession and a poet and writer by passion. As in any writer’s journey which starts with a first step, this is his official one. Passionate by heart and having a vivid imagination, he presents his thoughts, ideals and words in the most unique form of fictional stories for you to enjoy as well as ruminate.Read More...

Full Course Fiction

Books by Siddharth Kotu

Would the AI really rebel? Is Hell that bad? What is love? What is being humane? What becomes of people in crime world?

An anthology of dreams, a collection of romance and crime, horror and humor, fantasy and fiction.

And underlying all these, is the spark of hope.

The hope of a fresh start for a naïve girl. The hope of a fresh start for a race, be they human or alien or in-human. The hope of achieving, given a second chance. The hope of

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