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Srinivasan Raju

The septuagenarian Author had his college education in Delhi and after completing it, he worked, in various capacities, for private companies, some globally-renowned transnational companies, and some even small domestic establishments, mostly based in Delhi. He ended up having had a checkered career. He took to writing after graduating in Journalism in 1975 and wrote several pieces of article in magazines and newspapers, as he discovered that he had a strong flair for writing on a variety of subjects. Ironically, the opportunities for earning his livelihood from writing were far and few betweeRead More...

Mistaken Allegiance

Books by Srinivasan Raju

Mistaken Allegiance is a mystery thriller with a dash of romance that keeps the reader intensely absorbed till the end. The story takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of platonic love of the protagonist, who is enchanted by the ethereal beauty of the woman who lures him into accepting a lucrative offer of a job that has too many occupational hazards. The rigorous military training the protagonist underwent at the terrorists' camps in Baghdad and Yem

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