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Tarun Kumar

Author. Blogger. Travel Enthusiast.
Author. Blogger. Travel Enthusiast.

Tarun Varshney describes himself as an author, blogger and travel enthusiast. Learn more about him at www.tarunvarshney.com. You can also connect with him on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and become part of his family. Read More...


The Ineligible Millionaire

Books by Tarun Varshney

Arjun, a talented programmer struggling to get a job because of his poor academics, finds that his father is deeply in debt for a long time. With hope – his love, Shreya, and support – his friend, Raj, he gets roped into underpaying, downright, unfair programming jobs, yet out of necessity, and soon incurs debts of his own. He wonders if he has a destiny?

Often lonely and cheated, Arjun swallows a bitter pill and leaves his parents alone to make mor

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Tohfaa Shaadi Ka

Books by Tarun Varshney

'Tohfaa Shaadi Ka' is a collection of tiny stories from my courtship and is a gift that I gave to my wife on our wedding day. I promised her during our first few meetings to write a book on our courtship memories and gift her. 

We had a total of 11 meetings (including the first meeting, ring ceremony and wedding). So I went ahead and tried to write some of our memories in the form of tiny stories. I wrote it as the best I could write. I gifted h

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