Venkat Bathini

Venkat Bathini is a writer who wants to depict social stigmas in society through commercial narratives. He wants to take these books to the next level with movie adaptations which have a wider impact. All he wants is to entertain readers through his fresh plots and narration. His themes are unique written in a movie format where the first ten chapters comprises of first half and the remaining ten chapters discussing the second half. The author deals with the most sensitive issues of the society written in a simple language and an engaging manner. His books evolve a path for new type of books called the 'Bookie’ ( Book + Movie) – a book in a movie format.


The Jasmine

Books by Venkat Bathini

The Jasmine is a story about a couple who travel all the way from London to Madurai to unravel the mystery behind their hallucinations and are haunted by the ghost of Jasmine, their premature baby. This story has politics, greed, revenge, love, betrayal and shocking observations on social stigma in society.

Does the couple survive and unravel the mystery?

Will the wild fragrance of Jasmine pacify or aggravate them?

What is the clue that made

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