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K.R.Vittal Doss

The author was a science graduate but was interested in the study of Hindi literature. Born in 1938 in Madurai city of Tamil Nadu, he received Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Hindi from Kurukshetra University of Haryana. His research work, Surdas and Natanagopala Nayaki Swamigal, written in Hindi, won an award from the Government of Bihar. The author is proficient in Tamil, Hindi, English and Saurashtri. After his retirement as professor of Hindi from the Tamil Nadu Educational Service in 1996, he wrote Alvargalum India Vainava Ilakkiyangalum in Tamil, for which he was awarded by the Government of Tamil Read More...


आलवार और भारतीय वैष्णव साहित्य

Books by के. आर. विट्ठलदास

प्रो.डॉ.के.आर. विट्ठलदास का लिखा यह शोध ग्रंथ भारतीय भाषाओं में रचित वैष्णव भक्ति साहित्य पर तमिलनाडु के वैष्णव भक्त आलवारों द्वारा रचित “नालायिर दिव्य प्रबन्धम” तथा बाद में तम

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