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Dr. Abhijit Sinha Roy

With over four decades of experience behind him, Dr. Abhijit Sinha Roy is a paediatrician specialising in neonatology. He has earned the trust, love and respect of his patients and staff alike. In the last four decades, he has headed a hospital of one unit of India’s largest PSU, was medical director of one large unit of one of the largest corporate hospital chains in India, has held the capacity of Chief CMO of Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme of a state and has been CEO at a Telemedicine Organisation. He was also a visiting faculty in universities in the southern part of Read More...


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Truth Salad on the Wheels

Books by Dr. Abhijit Sinha Roy

Truth Salad on the Wheels – An Array of Real-Life Incidents While on the Move is of the Belles-lettres genre. 

Part humour, part reality and part twisted personal memoir, the book takes the reader on a trip to gain new experiences from travelling around the earth and understanding the reality of life and the people around us. It is a compilation of numerous real-life incidents, which have been observed by the author or his trusted friends whil

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Books by Dr. Abhijit Sinha Roy

Medical science is one of the very few professions where the client (patient in this context) needs to come clean about their lives and share their deepest secrets with doctors. Given the nature of the profession, doctors continue to probe not just the physical aspects but also extend into the lifestyle of the patient and arrive at a final diagnosis.

In the process, an observant doctor becomes recipient to insights on the emotions and characters of the

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