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Ahamed Hussain

Ahamed Hussain is back with his fourth book after his earlier books, Human access to high-rise structures, Façade Access – Engineering excellence meets architectural challenges and Façade Access Systems – Solutions, Systems and Applications, are well received by the architects, consultants, designers, contractors, builders, façade engineers and facility managers. The author, a chartered mechanical engineer, has over 25 years of direct hands-on experience in over 750 projects in many countries, all involving work at height.Read More...

Height Safety

Books by Ahamed Hussain

Height safety is not just about falls from height. Though it is a major factor, a lot of other hazards and challenges to human safety can also be encountered while working at height including:

-          Falls from height

-          Trips and slips

-          Fragile surfaces

-          Falling objects

-          Weather (heat, humidity, cold, wind, rain and snow)

-          Electrocution<

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Human Access to High Rise Structures

Books by Ahamed Hussain

This book is all about human access to man-made high-rise structures around the world with the coverage including: 

-           Building façade for construction and re-construction

-           Infrastructure covering bridges, storage tanks, silos, stadiums, electrical towers, power plants and dams

-           High-rise monuments

-           Windmills

-           Industrial plants


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Facade Access

Books by Ahamed Hussain

It is all about the world’s leading Façade Access System experts coming up with exceptional façade access solutions to 62 iconic architectures around the world designed by the world’s leading architects. This is intended for:

-           Architects

-           Builders 

-           Consultants 


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Facade Access Systems

Books by Ahamed Hussain

The book deals with building façade access systems for

-       builders

-       architects

-       consultants

-       contractors

-       façade engineers

-       facility managers

It provide

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