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Ajay Karkare

Ajay Karkare, 51, is an otorhinolaryngologist by profession. He lives in a small town called Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. This is his first book. After living an intense, materialistic life, at the age of 48 years, he developed a deep inclination towards spirituality. During his quest to dig deeper and deeper into the subject, the plot of this book came into his mind, and after about three years, he managed to publish his work. He gives credit for his transformative journey to his beloved wife, Aparna, who is also a doctor, and his lovely son, Aditya, who is studying psychology.


Yours Spiritually

Books by Ajay Karkare

Yours Spiritually is a captivating story of four couples, whose lives are entangled from birth. All of them come together to square their accounts in different births. In their present birth, they learn to settle the account and liberate. Mainly, the story revolves around a Devadasi from the Chola Dynasty, her emotions, her fears and her hatreds, which she carries till her present life in which she is a beautiful fashion model. She carries all the goo

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