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Alifya Choonawala

Alifya Choonawala was born, raised and currently resides in Mumbai, the ‘City of Dreams’. She is a trained Therapist and Emotional Wellness Coach with a background in consumer understanding. Since she was a child, she has always loved writing. At the age of eight, she knew she would be an author one day. But on that day, she did not know what she would write about. As an adult, she has grown into someone who has her feet firmly on the ground and her head happily floating in the sky. Likewise, she believes in a world where science meets magic and dreams really do come true. Writing for chilRead More...

Mr. Hoo and the Thingamagee

Books by Alifya Choonawala

“What’s a Thingamagee?” asked Mr. Cheery, “And what does it do?” Granny Micmic held out her hand and then… BANG!!

Mr. Hoo and his friends are so excited to go up on Peek-a-boo Mountain and see what Granny Micmic’s Thingamagees actually do.

Come, join in the invention and turn an oh-so boring day into a day of friendship and excitement.

Just follow Mr. Hoo, like his piggies do and then you will know too!

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