Indie Author Championship #6

Aman Thakur

Writer, Ph.D. Scholar
Writer, Ph.D. Scholar

Aman Thakur is an author based in Himachal Pradesh. He has lived his precise, illustrious life with vividly amazing experiences. It’s the little things, as he proclaims, that captivate the most. He can capture incisive scenario, and now, is working towards grafting himself in the world of ideation.Read More...

Hanging Out Loose

Books by Aman Thakur

Where does one wish to stay? Childhood? Adulthood? Or Love-hood? Kavam tries hard to stay where it matters the least – to stay in the lap of dreams and hope for the best. Will he achieve where his heartaches? Find the answers to the questions in Hanging out Loose. Let’s get on a journey of love, hatred and remorse. Let’s hope that he finally reaches somewhere.

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