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Anisha Senthilvasan

Anisha is a young author and illustrator who enjoys spending time in activities that capture her interest. Her interests include art, spending time with and learning about animals, playing games with her friends, listening to music and reading books.

At the time of writing this book, Anisha Senthilvasan was an eight-year-old 3rd grader. She and her creative-writing coach, Cheryl Owens, spent six months working on this book, gathering facts about Andal and weaving their creativity into the pages. The Story of Andal will engage young girls from all over the world, who will get inspired by Andal’s happy, fulfilling life. 

Anisha was born in and currently lives in sunny California, US. She looks forward to celebrating the doll festival called Golu with her family every year. The 2019 Golu scene ( was the story of Andal inspired by the book. 

Anisha loves traveling around the world and can’t wait to hop on a plane for her next big trip!


Garland of Love

Books by Anisha Senthilvasan

This is the story of a girl named Andal who lived long ago in the 8th century AD. Andal is an important figure in human history because she shared her gift of poetry and more with the world. Andal was a true lover and a conservationist of Mother Nature. When my grandmother from India visits our place in the United States, she often plays Andal’s famous poems called Thirupaavai every morning. When my grandmother mentioned that Andal was a young girl when she

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