Ara Fernezian

Ara Fernezian is an Armenian-Lebanese born on 4th May 1972 in Camp Amanos, Bouchrieh, Lebanon. Married to Ghada Khalil in 1997, Ara is a proud father of two, Paul and Alecia. In 1995, he left Lebanon to Abu Dhabi, when he was only 21, to fulfill his life-commitment promise to Ghada and to start his professional career. Ara is a self-made professional who reached his way up in the business world to become a senior executive to one of the largest corporations in the world. Managing globally renowned summits, forums, and exhibitions attended by global leaders, Ara became later a social entrepreneur; an advocate for sustainability, climate change and youth empowerment; and a yoga teacher. Since his teenage years, he has dreamt of becoming a positive change-maker in the society by contributing to youth empowerment in the Arab world and Armenia, building hope in reducing unemployment and helping in raising a conscious and compassionate future generation that supports sustainability and human progress.


Note to Self

Books by Ara Fernezian

Note to Self chronicles the inspiring journey of an Armenian immigrant’s son and his endeavor to finding answers to his childhood struggles, dreams and life purpose in the midst of religious and ethnic wars coupled with social and economic challenges.

Admittedly, this is a challenging endeavor, and yet he set out to find his happiness among the least-searched paths. He has explored and searched for answers in most religions, philosophers, au

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