Arpit Bakshi

Arpit Bakshi has a Master of Business Administration from the prestigious University of RPI, New York. A banker by day and an author by night, he loves to condense the gush of his wild imaginations into the Roman alphabet. He has a penchant for subjects like cosmos and origin of Universe and he is also a fan of Indian mythology.

The Code of Manavas

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The earth and the human race as we knew it have ceased to exist.

Bhoomidium, discovered by Krishna, healed the unstable core of Bhoomi during the last apocalypse. It has transformed Man to Manavas and Kali-Yug into Swarnim-Yug.

The year is 2050.2.0000001 and the Manavas are divided into two states, Madhavpur and Ayudhpur.

Krishna sees another apocalypse around the corner and he has a way out – an alternate universe, which can be reached by

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