Arun Sugavaneshvar

Arun is a law professional and a budding author. He believes in words, their beauty, majesty and healing powers. He is passionate about reading, writing and storytelling. A dreamer by day and writer by night, he is trying his best to create a piece of work that entertains, educates and inspires. He has previously authored a collection of poems titled The Earth Can be Forgiven. Interact with the author through his website www.arunsugavaneshvar.com or Facebook page Arun Sugavaneshvar. Read More...

The Grand Theatre of Cupid

Books by Arun Sugavaneshvar

“The fellow you are texting seems like he has secretly entered your heart. I have felt it for some time now.”

“No, no. He is just a friend.”

Even after centuries of immense evolutionary contemplation flirting still remains the most inexhaustible source of sweet somethings.

Love is the mother of all sentiments; the great-grandmother of every emotion out there. I know not how the world should love, bu

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