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Er. Ashok Sethuraman, B.Sc., B.Tech. (M.I.T.) in Instrument Technology, has 40 years of industry field experience in projects, maintenance and now in energy conservation and management. He has been writing his energy conservation articles for over a decade, in many national technical magazines and his website, He has recently published his two books, Practical Guide to Energy Conservation & Management and Energy Conservation & Management in Textile Mills, which were well received by the industries in India and abroad. Er. K.S. Subramanian, B. Tech (Textile TechnoloRead More...

Conserve Energy and Restore Productivity in Machines by Belts and Pulley Drives

Books by Ashok Sethuraman, K.S. Subramanian

This book brings out the visible low hanging fruits of belt and pulley related energy losses in your daily working machine. By implementing the ‘few-months-only-as-payback-proposals’ based case studies given in this book, your industry can restore the productivity in production machines, which are mostly constant torque loads. Also, you can achieve appreciable energy savings by optimizing the speed demanded by variable torque loads like centrifugal blower,

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This book not only speaks of reducing energy proportion with respect to varying production levels, but also asserts that this is wake-up call to the textile mills to overlap your maintenance practices from time-and safety-based practices to the condition monitoring & predictive-maintenance-based practices in your workings of production and utility machines.

Many mills can still achieve the low-hanging fruits in energy conservation in their premises, and

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Practical Guide to Energy Conservation & Management

Books by Ashok Sethuraman

Practical Guide to Energy Conservation & Management propels you to pluck the low hanging fruits of energy conservation in your industry. Until now, though the fruits are visible to you, you thought that they are beyond your hands’ reach. Having done Energy Audits in more than four hundreds of industries with the BEE certification and guidance from their Guide Books, I suggest to the Field Engineers that there is plenty of scope for Energy Conservation

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