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Dr Rouf H Tak

The author is a doctor of medicine and a rheumatology fellow. He is presently working in Kashmir, India. He has been a participant in various state and national level scientific studies. Being a medical professional, the author is keen to seek the scientific genealogy of things. With a particular interest in neuroscience, physics and philosophy, he has a peculiar acumen to explain things by appropriate reasoning. Such an endeavor is well reflected in his present work. Moreover, the author is member of Global psychology Network, Closer to Truth and many other related societies and groups.Read More...


Books by Rouf H Tak

- Is our “will” conscious centric or non-conscious dimension of our existence forms bedrock of apparent reality we live in. 

- Do we exist at the interface of physical and metaphysical realm.

- Is “free will” a preordained bad tool in our cosmic odyssey or it has a precursor emergent in our terrestrial evolution.

- Are we really, biologically or evolutionarily somehow connected to the cosmos. 

- How the laws of Universe in

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