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Ayesha Sasikumar

Film maker, dancer, writer, traveller, theatre and voice-over artist, media consultant, co-founder of 2 start-ups... With a diploma in Rehabilitation Science and having worked closely with people with disabilities (PWDs) she realized that the rhyming personality disorders that she was born with (BPD, BPAD, DID and so on…) need not be the only thing that defines her. This is her journey of survival, lined with rhymes that are more than just her conditions.


Black Day White

Books by Ayesha Sasikumar

Write up about the book: “I wrote what I wanted to read” is what I would like to say. But no. That’s not entirely true. I wrote what came to me.

Every drop of ink makes a unique design on paper. Here, every poem is a linear yet random expression of myself. Some are vents, some are thoughts and some are what left dents in my mind.

Black day White is a collection of my words, my ink blots.

Here’s hoping that you are able to resonate

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