Bindu, a first-time author, began her career as a teacher for hearing-impaired children. She went on to teach English language and literature at the school and junior college level, both at National and International level, and is currently an avid blogger and writer. The seed for Everyone’ Sai was sown in 2002, though it germinated much later and met fruition only in 2018. Sai Baba’s blessings and presence in her life, has helped fulfil her dream of writing a book on him.


Writing has been Bindu’s primary passion. She blogs in two spaces: https://shirdisaibaba984814153.wordpress.com and http://creativbent.com. English faculty for Cambridge IGCSE & A Level, she was given many opportunities to practise her passion. These were in the form of scripts for anchors and official communication, debates and quizzes, composing poems and on-the-spot slogans, clubbed with a major project that involved collecting, collating and writing content for a school website (www.ppsijc.org). She has written editorials for Mumbai Messenger, a local weekly, for about a year and enjoys writing poems, short stories, articles and blogs. What she loves doing most is sharing Baba’s divine glory.


Everyone's Sai

Books by Bindu

An emotional submission at Baba’s holy feet, Everyone’s Sai shares the author’s discovery of Shirdi and her journey to understand Shirdi Sai Baba’s loving ways, commonly referred to as Miracles. Everyone’s Sai offers an insight into Baba’s life and times after he arrived in Shirdi. It shares the joy that cushion a bhakta’s life when he practices complete Shraddha & Saburi.<

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