D. Brendon Perera

Dominic Brendon Perera, author and illustrator of A Treasury of Tales and Dominic’s Bedtime Stories, is 14 years old and lives with his mother on the island of Sri Lanka. Dominic was diagnosed with several traits falling into the autism spectrum and ADHD at the age of two and a half. Since then, he has been homeschooled and constantly evaluated medically.

He has many interests and is very talented and artistic. He sketches and designs on Photoshop and even paints by hand. Brendon loves Minecraft, graphic designing and constructing original Lego stop-motion movies for YouTube (thirty to date).

 Brendon has his own little ‘idea book’ that helps him work out what he wants to do. His first two books were illustrated by him and were typed and edited for him as is the case with his newest novel, Relic Hunter of X Masters Saga.


The Relic Hunter – X Masters Saga

Books by D. Brendon Perera

Relic Hunter, the first instalment of X Masters Saga, revolves around Denver Grey, a relic hunter and adventurer who travels the world looking for new challenges. Partially based on facts, the story is set on the island of Sri Lanka known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

In addition to his quests for relics, Denver has a ranch where he has assembled a group of young boys and girls, all of whom are gifted with special powers. Their miss

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