The author (who is on the wrong side of 80) was in government service in the audit line. He has abundant interest in computers, the internet, classical music and public welfare and believes in fighting evil rather than being a passive Good Samaritan.

He conceived the idea of short URL ( and online shopping ( more than a decade ago, long before these ideas came to the limelight in India (refer

As a free thinker and humanist, he issued copious tweets from 2011. These ideas have now been brought out in e-book form.



Timeless Tweets


This e-book is a sort of compilation from out of Tweets posted by the author on Twitter between March 2011 and March 2019. The subjects covered are too many, and so, instead of classifying the tweets by subject, they are presented in chronological order.

These tweets are general observations on our social behaviour and include criticism in a large number of cases and appreciation wherever due. Though only mass movements can change social behaviour for

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