Chitra Srinivasan

Chitra Srinivasan grew up in Mumbai, the financial metropolis of the country. She loves to read fiction as well as poetry. Chitra is a student of Biochemistry but by profession she is a Pharmacist. In a career spanning over two decades, she has been primarily associated with the pharmaceutical industry. She has also been a senior reporter with a pharma publication from the Indian Express Group. She has excellent command over the English language and words flow very easily from her pen. She has written numerous medical and health related articles for various magazines and newspapers. But this is a collection of her sonnets, which she has penned over the years. Currently she is working as a content writer with well-known pharmaceutical organizations. Read More...

Ripples…of the soul

Books by Chitra Srinivasan

Ripples…of the soul is a collection of poetry by Chitra Srinivasan. What makes it really interesting, is its simplicity and its ability to relate to the booklover.

Be it her depiction of children

“As you lay in the crib on a soft bed with tiny cushions I saw your small hands”

A butterfly

“In early spring bright wings a sea of flying color in a garden of flowers”

A busy marketplace

“The early morning rush, the tra

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