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Darpan Goyal is a lover of life, who lives his life to its fullest with dogs. He has two pet dogs and hundreds of four-legged friends in the streets of Ahmedabad. He has started an NGO for dogs – Souls for Strays. Apart from his love for dogs, he has a passion for spirituality. A voracious reader, his mission is to read, learn and understand mythologies, and to decipher the meaning of various religious rituals. Darpan has enjoyed a very successful corporate career in the financial sector for over a decade. Now he is a full time writer.

I am a Saint

Books by Author Darpan

A dog has lived as a member of a family; protected and cared for. Suddenly, life takes a nasty turn; a pet dog’s worst nightmare happens – abandonment! Left to fend for himself; feeling alone, ill, scared and threatened. A huge, strong, furry, but cute and innocent dog. His heart is filled with fervent hope. Will his hope be realized? Or is there more trouble lurking around the corner?

The dog’s life is meant to be lived happily, not in pain and sorrow. Will he live happily ever after?

Will he survive the harsh nature of the weather in Ahmedabad, and the cruelty of both humans and fellow animals?

The intrepid, yet endearing dog and a gang of passionate animal lovers go down the road less travelled together…

Join him, and be a part of his roller coaster of a journey!

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