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Darshan Dudhoria

Darshan Dudhoria is a Chartered Accountant and Bachelor of Commerce based out of Vadodara.

His first book Towards Economic Prosperity for India was published in February 2017, which sought to address some of the challenges the Indian Economy faces and how to convert them into opportunities.

This book presents his viewpoints on the initiatives which should be taken in the 2020s on various fronts for the all-round development of the country.


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The Aspirational India

Books by Darshan Dudhoria

Darshan’s book The Aspirational India: Vision for the Decade Ahead presents a youth’s perspective of the aspirations for the country and elaborates on his vision for 2030.

The book discusses the action plan and priority areas for the coming decade. 

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Towards Economic Prosperity for India

Books by Darshan Dudhoria

Darshan’s book “Towards Economic Prosperity for India”, takes you through a range of new concepts and ideas, which can be considered and implemented for the overall prosperity of the Indian Economy.

These ideas address some of the key challenges the economy faces currently, and focuses on converting these challenges into opportunities.

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