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David Nair

Author || Keynote International Speaker || Personal Excellence Coach & Mentor|| Business Strategist || Entrepreneur|| Philanthropist

David Nair comes with over two decades of Coaching & Mentoring experience, impacting the life’s of more than 200 K+ people, across ten countries. In India, David has coached and mentored CEO’s, Tier 1, 2 and 3 senior management in 50 of the top Multinational Fortune 500 companies.

Some of the corporate houses that David has and is working with in India are Vodafone, Tata Digital Health, KLA Tencor, Renault Nissan, Metropolis Lister, Athena, EBay Royal Bank of Scotland, Service Now, and many others.

David is the author of two forthcoming books: I eXceL - Wired for Success (Blueprint for Excellence) and Your Why (If Your Dream is Big Enough, the Facts don’t Count.)

David’s Definite Major Purpose (DMP), within the next 3 years, is to help create a Mindset shift, Heart-set shift and a Soul-set shift, in 1 million people, and their next generation by improving their Lifestyle, thereby leaving behind a legacy for others to follow.


I-eXceL Wired for Success


This is a Self-Help book. Its primary thrust is to create an awareness that Personal Success is only possible when the individual is Wired For Success. What do we mean by that? The person needs to be in congruent with the universe. Working hard is not the prime answer to success. It is through internalizing Personal Excellence, (PE) and being in sync with the universe, allowing for the outcomes to be manifested. 

In this book, we walk the reader throug

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