Davy Mohan

Bangalore, India

Davy Mohan is the Managing Director at Zuriel Homes Solutions Private Limited. He has completed his master's degree in Structural Engineering from Manipal University. This book is a result of two babies who would wake him up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep comfortably after seeing that he was wide awake. Contact him at davyroshni@gmail.com


Aryan, a rich Bengali boy, grows up seeing his family's wealth take a plunge due to his father’s ill health. The land mafia tries to grab hold of the last piece of land the family owns. He stands up against all odds, to fight them and to protect his family’s land, which is the last hope to secure a decent future for the family, only to discover an ugly truth, that the family he had been protecting has turned their back on him, at his most crucial time of need. During this time, he loses his friends and the girl he loves, as she falls out of love with him and falls into the arms of her best friend. Depressed, hurt and hateful with vengeance, he decides to take on the people who brought ...

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