Dharmaraj D Kamble

The author’s name is Dharmaraj D Kamble, a retired from Oil company as an officer. This is my first book. I have great interest in hearing spiritual Pravachan (sermons) given by great personalities. . Now it is my intention to read spiritual writing of different religions. In my future life I will go to my village and cultivate my field. Also I have great interest in seeing Marathi Movies as well as Marathi Dramas. In Maharashtra there was a old form of Stage Acting called “Powada” this form is vanishing day by day. Through Pawada only Chatrapati Shivaji’s personality dwelled in every Marathi’s heart. I wish this form be revived and to be used in promotion of Democracy. Read More...

Buddh Jaise Shudh Man

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In this Book all The Doctrines of Buddha are clearly explained. In Awatamasakaa Sutraa Bhagawan Buddh says that there is no difference in His mind and the minds of ordinary sentient. His saying is that all beings have wisdom and morality of a Buddha, but they cannot be revealed by their false or misleading thoughts.

Buddha told to bring into practice the Ten Wholesome Dharmas. They are ability to give up forever killing, stealing, wrong conduct, lying, s

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